Vol. 16 no. 5 – January & February, 2020
President’s message
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Discriminatory practices in hiring interviews – FMRQ continues legal action
BEWARE paid training for medical students preparing for exams
Amendments to FMRQ General By-law
Lump sum to encourage physicians to set up practice in certain areas suffering from severe shortage of family physicians
Abolition of CMPA retroactive coverage
Read the Fall 2019 issue of FMSQ publication, Le Spécialiste
Le Spécialiste - Website
Read Le Médecin du Québec in Electronic Format
Le Médecin du Québec - Website
Centre of Excellence in Cognitive Health (CESCO) Symposium – April 3, 2020
Training session on concussion in sport
FMRQ Grant Program for Research Projects
Neurology : Position Available at Hôpital de Saint-Eustache
CISSS des Laurentides – Site web
Cardiology and respirology PEMs available in Saint-Eustache
Respirology PEM in Saint-Jérôme
CISSS des Laurentides – Site web
2-3 Positions Available at CISSS de Lanaudière
Cardiology Position With CISSS Chaudiere-Appalaches
PEMs for 2020-2021 in Non-FM Specialties
Obtaining a PEM in an establishment - FMRQ website
PREMs/PEMs for 2020 in Family Medicine
PREMs New Process - FMRQ website
MOONLIGHTING in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics in the Gaspé
Training Sessions to Come
Apartments Available for a Mandatory Rotation in Montreal
ALDO-Québec - Calendar 2020
ALDO-Québec : Mandatory Training, Required for Obtaining a Permit to Practise in Quebec
CMQ website - ALDO-Québec
Fédération des médecins résidents