75 % Rule: Universities Rotation Attendance Requirement

2019-07-04 - 10:42
75 %


The rotation attendance policy requires you to complete 75 % of your rotation for it to be valid.

This rule is not part of the collective agreement, but university policies. Thus, even if the basic concept is the same everywhere in Quebec, there are differences in each of the universities.

Common to All Universities

• The 75 % is calculated per rotation, when the rotation is of 3 periods or less. For longer rotations, see your university's Application Guide for the 75 % rule (below).

Warning! When a rotation includes one or more holidays, the 75 % calculation is not the same. For details, see your university's Application Guide.

Days for which you are released and considered present within the meaning of the 75% rule (non-exhaustive list)

→ Career Day
→ Medical Resident Day
Annual Symposium on PREMs in Family Medicine for R1s
→ Any committee or meeting of a Quebec or Canadian body related to medical studies or during an accreditation visit (section 13.06)

For a complete list of leaves that fall into this category, consult the collective agreement, your university’s Application Guide and the Agreement between the FMRQ and the associate-deans for postgraduate medical studies (in French only).

Days for which you are entitled to a leave as provided for in the collective agreement, but for which you are considered absent within the meaning of the 75 % rule (non-exhaustive list)

→ Vacation
→ Conference leave
→ Study leave
→ Parental leave
→ Sick leave
→ Carry over statutory holidays
→ Leave for family responsibilities
→ Social leave (marriage, death, etc.)

For a complete list of leaves that fall into this category, consult your university's Application Guide for the 75 % rule. All guides are accessible below, by clicking on the logo of your university.

Application Guide for the 75 % rule of each university (all in French except for McGill) :

75% rule - Université de Montréal

75% rule - Université Laval

75% rule - McGill University

75% rule - Université Sherbrooke